Are the salons Book by Appointment Only or can I just drop in?

We always advise in booking your appointment as it allows for extra time with the client to discuss their hair and style needs. Also, the salons can get very busy and to avoid disappointment or having to reschedule we would advise booking first.

If it’s Book by Appointment Only is there a last minute cancellation list?

We do, wherever possible, offer our clients a last minute cancellation slot, please let us know if you would like to be put on the cancellation list.

Can I book a specific barber/hair technician?

We encourage staff/client relationships. If there is a specific salon personnel you prefer to barber, style or cut your hair, we will, wherever possible, happily oblige to provide you with same.

If I wanted a complete change of style/cut can you advise on what would suit and the products required to maintain the new look at home?

At Crew Barber we specialise in advising clients about new cuts, styles and products. It is our aim that you leave our salons feeling and looking transformed, however, at all times we will consult with the client on our vision ensuring that they are agreeable and comfortable with trying out the suggested new look.

Do you run promotional offers?

On occasion we do run promotional and seasonal offers i.e Christmas, Valentines Day, Fathers Day etc. Details will be on our website and Facebook page.

Can the Gift Vouchers be used in any of the Crew Barber salons?

Yes the Gift Vouchers are valid for all of our Crew Barber salons.